How to choose bicycle gloves

Bicycle gloves are an inconspicuous mini accessory that is an integral part of cycling. However, many amateur cyclists think: "Why are they even needed ..."? They put on only one helmet and confidently go with the idea that for a safe ride this is enough. But arguing so, they are very mistaken.

Necessity or a good-looking accessory?

When riding, a big load falls on our hands, we fully rely on all of their weight, and the gentle skin of the hands is stressed because of blows on the hummock, or the slightest vibrations. Bicycle gloves will also save you when falling, they will protect against abrasions, injuries and cuts and all this thanks to gel inserts and various carbon elements.

And in cold weather, they will protect your hands from hypothermia or even frostbite.

While a fast ride on an iron horse, the risk of falling is very high, and in most cases the entire stroke is taken by the palms, and the gloves can perfectly protect them. In the absence of this important element of the outfit, the consequences can be deplorable, and you will not be able to do your favorite thing for a long time - cycling.

Gloves are of great importance both in cycling sports and in bike riding, and let you wipe or damage the fabric better than damage your skin.

What is the need for such an attribute for a cyclist?

There are also some other advantages of bicycle gloves. For example, they:

  • protect your tender skin against calluses;
  • unload the palms and add cushioning;
  • Improve blood circulation in the palms of the body during long riding.
  • with the right size - to protect your limbs from numbness;
  • Provide good close contact with the bicycle handlebars, you will have the opportunity to hold the handlebars firmly and tenaciously, and your hands will not slip.

Note! The design of bicycle gloves has been specially designed so as to minimize the stress that occurs on the hands, and also much lower the sliding of the fingers on the handlebars. This is facilitated by a rubberized coating, relief and pattern.
And besides all this, they serve as a good-looking and stylish accessory.

Characteristics that you need to know and take into account when buying

Each of us buys for themselves anything fitting their size; and by choosing a larger or smaller size, we will experience some discomfort. When choosing gloves, you should also pay attention to the fact that they are not too narrow on you, as this greatly worsens the control and causes finger fatigue. In addition, the circulation of the hands is disrupted and after a while you can feel a slight tingling and numbness in the limb.

If the glove is of such a type that it completely closes the hand, then you should pay attention to the fact that the fingers come fully in, and in order for the hands to be warmer and more comfortable, you can allow a small gap, about a few millimeters. The product should be tested before purchase, if it is possible to do in the store.

Another very important advice: in the event that there are handles on the handlebars of your bike, it is worth considering choosing thinner gloves for better steering feel, and if there are no handles, or they are very tough, you should get gloves with a soft base.

Also important is Velcro on gloves. They also have a lot of selection criteria because they are constantly in the process of use, you need to choose their good quality, so that they last a long time, and not get unstuck on the first day of use.

In addition, gloves of good quality must have a badge, which prevents their erasure, and this also contributes to the long-term use of the thing. If in the production of gloves such fabrics as Coomax, Sraddechs or Lusra were used, you can be sure that this thing is qualitative and good for removing moisture. Unlike leather gloves that do not have this property.

Let’s consider the types of bicycle gloves

They can be divided into forms and by season.

Each season is designed for a specific type and model of gloves. For example, in the summer, which is so obvious, they should effectively fold back moisture, have minimal weight and preferably have additional inserts.

If you consider other seasons, the most difficult, is the choice of winter bicycle gloves.

They must be warm and compact for easy operation. Since in the glove, which is tightly seated, the hands will freeze, they must also be free. What about the fall and spring requirements are not so strict. Basically they will have to protect from wind, soaking and dirty.

It is better to buy a demi seasonal velor gloves, consisting of leather and synthetic, which does not get wet.

For any season, one thing is important - the glove should sit well on the arm.

The forms of gloves are:

  • Full-fledged - with five fingers.
  • Reinforced - have additional inserts and plastic clips, designed to protect your hands from bumps.

Such models are useful for riding on forest paths, they protect against very painful hits on the
hands of branches at high speed.

There are also whole, so-called mittens.

Bicycles gloves without fingers - these models are incomplete, but perfectly perform the functions assigned to them. This is an easy option for quiet rides in hot weather. Plus, these gloves are that they leave their fingers free, which can perform small work, for example, use the phone. This option is suitable for simple bicycle riders, not infected with extreme.

Note! During falls wearing model falls without fingers, the palms are not fully insured.

Among the latest models in the production of bicycle equipment is worth mentioning cycling gloves with turn signals. The LED indicator integrated into the glove is activated by pressing the thumb at the contact. This "know-how" is intended to increase not only the level of comfort, but also safety. Especially indispensable is this equipment in the dark, moving in the flow of cars, the cyclist becomes much more noticeable. For cities with undeveloped infrastructure for bicycle tours, such an innovative solution can be very demanded.

How to choose bicycle gloves with right size?

Female and male bicycle gloves differ from each other only in size. The most basic criteria for choice is the width of the palm of a person.

To determine the size of the bicycle gloves, you need to measure the width of the palm. The proper size is shown in the tables.

Men's cycling gloves

Size of the glove XS S M L XL XXL
Width of the palm (cm) 6.5 7.5 8.5 9.5 10.5 11.5

Women's cycling gloves

Size of the glove XS S M L
Width of the palm (cm) 7 7.5 8 9

Children's cycling gloves

Size of the glove XS S M L
Width of the palm (cm) 5.5 6 6.5 7

So, we figured out how to choose bicycle gloves. The existing variety of manufacturers and different models, allow you to make a choice for every taste and color. To choose this integral element of cycling equipment should be based on the comfort and functionality of these or other models.