How to prepare for a long bike ride?

Motion is life, and cycling through unexplored areas is also an exciting leisure. Bike trips are
becoming more popular due to relatively good speed, and at the same time, the opportunity not
to miss any beautiful view.
Such journey will give you real pleasure from the process and provide positive energy for a long
time. However, in order for that trip to go well and do not leave any unpleasant impressions,
preparation is very important.
The planning of cycling for long distances can be divided into 4 stages:
• Testing your abilities;
• Preparation of bicycles;
• Working out the route;
• Luggage packing.
Test your strength
If you have repeatedly crossed dozens or even more than 100 kilometers on your "iron horse",
you can safely skip this point.
Nevertheless, if you are a beginner in this case, preparation for the trip should begin with an
assessment of your capabilities.
Think about whether you can overcome great distances also having a luggage in 15-20 kg.
Arrange yourself a test ride for 30 km and test your strength. The result of such a mini-trip will
show whether you are ready for a long journey.
An important point is the ability to manage a bicycle well. Consider that a long way will reduce
the concentration of attention, and luggage - create obstacles for free control.
Therefore, when your concentration and enthusiasm begin to fade away, you will be able to rely
only on existing skills and reactions.
By the way, to prepare for the trip, you can read books about tourism, which have information
on the methods of ground navigation, the search for water and food, as well as many other
useful skills needed during the trip.
Prepare the bicycles
The main element of such a trip is a bicycle for long journeys.
First of all, you need to make sure of its reliability and ability to overcome long distances. It is
extremely important that the bike is "specifically designed" just for you, and that it is convenient
for you to ride it. Therefore, it is not recommended to take a bike from rental office.

The main requirement for a bicycle for traveling is comfortable driving, both on asphalt and on
rough terrain. In addition, it must have:
• Lightweight frame;
• At least 24 speeds;
• Large diameter wheels;
• Reliable brakes and cassettes.
The most optimal equipment for a bicycle aimed at a long journey would be the spare parts of
Sets Alivio and Deore will help to cope with tourist tasks and will not be too costly for a bicyclist.
It is better to go on a trip on a bike with one shock absorber - the front. The rear suspension
does not justify its purpose and will only entail great efforts from the bicyclist. The installation of
the rear shock absorber makes sense in extreme driving. Otherwise, such a design will only put
more weight on the bike and increase its cost.
If you plan to go on a serious trip, it is better to assemble the bike individually than buying it in
the store.
This approach will allow you to select quality parts that fit the purpose and save the budget.

Work out the route
Going to cycling just by yourself, or hiking with family and friends, carefully think through the
route. Prepare it, so that there are shops and other infrastructure along the way. This will save
you in case of a breakdown, injury or other incident.
Analyze the percentage of asphalt and soil ground, and then prepare for the features of the
route. Try to calculate the changes in the terrain, because a long climb to the mountain will
seriously worn you out.
Luggage preparation
Having dealt with bicycle preparation, it is worth considering what to take with you on a bike trip.
Although the list of things is individual, for everyone there is a mandatory list of items. In the
luggage you must put:
• The tent;
• Sleeping bag and foam;
• Bowler for cooking;
• Matches;
• Scissors, needle and thread;
• Flashlight;

• Knife, fork, spoon, mug, cup, and also a tool for opening canned food;
• First aid kit;
• Several bottles of clean water, which must be refilled as soon as possible;
• Clothes;
• Tool for bicycle repair;
• Means of personal hygiene (sunblock).
Decide beforehand how you will eat. If you plan to eat in road cafes, you will not need food and
a bowler. When staying at hotels, you can exclude from the baggage tent and sleeping bag.
Think about how you are going to build a fire. If you plan to use tree branches, take an ax with
you. Otherwise, you will need a burner and fuel.
Since electronic devices are dependent on charging the batteries, you should not count on them
in the trip. It is better to take cards and directories in paper version with you.
The entire luggage can be compactly placed in special backpack-pants and fixed on a bicycle.
Bicycle tourism will help you to get many pleasant emotions and to have a great time with
friends. But, for this it is important to plan the trip correctly at all stages. Then nothing will
overshadow your rest.