It all began in 2009, when the family of a 14-year-old boy had to immigrate to Italy to secure his future, escape from poverty and simply survive.

Michael didn’t even have time to settle in a new place and find at least a couple of friends as he had to began to look for a job to ease the financial situation of the family. It was impossible to get a good education, like his peers from richer families. At that time, Michael wanted to find any work, just not to stay on the street without a penny in his pocket.

Every morning, Michael got up and began to search a job. He tried to get a job as a gardener, a grocer and a lackey, but no one wanted to hire a thin foreigner who spoke poor Italian. The only entertainment at that time was to go to the local library to learn Italian as soon as possible and not to look like a stranger.

After a long search and a huge number of failures, he managed to persuade an elderly jewelry master to give him a job as a cleaner for a few Euros per hour. He was so happy to find this job and help his family.

Michael came to the workshop every day and, while cleaning up in the workshop, followed stealthily the master's work. Some time later the boy was fascinated the world of jewelry art more and more. He became interested in the craft of a jeweler and began to spend more time at work, doing more, even if he was not paid for this extra job. Once the master asked to help him with the tools for metal processing for a simple order and was surprised that the boy knows how to use them and even helped to make a simple piece of jewelry. The next day, the master showed the boy the technique of brilliant cut and was amazed that the boy grasped everything on the fly and repeated his actions. The master understood that his young gifted pupil had a bright future.

The master saw the ambitions of his loyal employee and offered him the work of an assistant. Michael took apart the tools of the master after work, brought raw materials from suppliers and prepared them for work. Over time, Michael became an apprentice. He began to understand the grinding, casting and polishing of the materials. The master taught him to evaluate precious stones, understand whether they are of high quality, and how to distinguish the original from fake jewels.

Michael liked jewelry more and more, it became his passion. He considered it not just a craft, but a real art. He was attracted by the cold shine of sapphires, the emerald shades of opal and the flickering of diamonds. He forgot about everyday vanity and plunged into the magical world of stones and precious metals. The master told him about the properties of metals and numerous ways of processing them. Over time, Michael realized that a good jeweler not only had to be able to repair, resize and collect jewelry, but also to develop its unique design. He bought paper and pencils in the nearest shop and began to draw sketches of ornaments. Michael wanted to try to connect different precious stones in one ornament, for example, emerald and amber, or pearls and topaz. He created intricate flowers, ornaments and figurines.

In 2018 the master died. It was a grievous loss for Michael. He became not only a teacher and mentor, who taught all the subtleties of craft and imparted his knowledge, but also a close friend.

The shop was transferred to the new owner, and Michael decided to try to work independently, although the new owner asked him to stay and even significantly increased his salary. Being an experienced master, he decided to quit and move to a small picturesque town in the north of Italy called Rovigo. The young jeweler fell in love with its cozy quay, cobbled streets and small squares.

Then he opened a small jewelry shop called "Adiel", in honor of his parents. Business went on uphill. Michael invented new bracelets, necklaces, brooches and rings. Time passed, and suppliers of large department stores and buyers from other countries became interested in his workshop. They were attracted by interesting design and high quality products. Michael even arranged open master classes to show buyers the process of creating jewelry and how to choose them correctly. Michael was also invited to evaluate lots of large collectors and helped auction houses. Michael was always happy to meet new opportunities.

The young jeweler never forgot the kindness and support of the master and decided to help people. He recruited several students from poor families to give them the opportunity to learn and get a good profession which is in high demand. He remembered how he was helped in a difficult period of his life and wanted to give the same chance to other people. He handed over the funds from the sale of two expensive products to the local cathedral and social center.

Later, he decided to create an online store, so that he could sell his works around the world. The result did not take long to wait: more and more buyers from other countries looked though his online catalogue.

Michael set a new goal: to help migrants from different countries who came to Europe. He remembered his past and understood how difficult it was for people to live in a new country, without education and language. He helps them find a job or gives a job in his workshop so that migrants can quickly get comfortable, become full members of society and simply happy people. Now Michael needs not only apprentices, but also employees who support the website (advertisers, marketers and IT specialists). Michael dreams of opening a free school of jewelry. According to Michael, this kind of art can capture you for long hours. This is an endless process of creativity and creation. And Michael never ceases to study and learns computer programs of three-dimensional modeling. According to the master, jewelry requires utmost accuracy and accuracy. This cannot be achieved without the use of special equipment. Even a minimal set of tools for a beginner jeweler includes a sufficiently large number of devices. And he is ready to transfer his knowledge and skills to future generations to develop Adiel.